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Solid Wood TV Console Singapore

These TV Consoles are all made from solid wood such as mahogany, oak, mango, and maple. With a variety of different finishings to choose from (such as a matte finish), you can achieve the custom look that you want. For example, combining wood and metal can give your TV console a retro feel with a modern edge to it.

Inspired by European designs, Singapore TV Console has been committed to making solid wood TV consoles of exceptional quality, design, and enduring value. Winner of multiple design awards, our solid wood TV console collection has a well-established legacy of integrity and dependability. We are dedicated to offering you only TV consoles that has the perfect combination of style, finish, and size. 

Why Solid Wood TV Console?

3 Features that will make your living room a bit brighter, your house a bit neater, and your life a bit better.



Edgy. Classy. Polished. These are the images that solid wood furniture commands. It instantly elevates the visual appeal of your entire living room. 



Solid wood base opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to finishing. You can opt for a sleek metallic finish, or a smooth matte finish.



Solid wood is the favourite playtoy of the carpenter. That’s because it allows for maximal customisability, especially when it comes to the sizing. 

Featured Product

CELENA® Scandinavian TV Console | Wooden TV Console | 2 Colours: Golden Oak, Walnut | 5 Lengths: 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2200mm | $$$

SingaporeTVConsole® CELENA Floating TV Console

Having just purchased your dream flat-screen TV – you would need the perfect TV Console to enhance your viewing pleasure. This TV Console is perfectly sized for TV’s up to 60 inches, allowing the TV to be put at a level that is ideal for comfortable viewing. It also creates the perfect storage area for all your miscellaneous items, all whilst creating a display area for all the things you want to call attention to. It’s a modern TV console meant for the modern Singaporean home, creating a contemporary yet classic look that is functional and yet upscale.


  • [Beautiful] A spectacular look in your living that will be the envy of many
  • [Durable] Excellent craftsmanship guarantees TV console to stay in tip-top condition
  • [Versatile] Flexible style makes it perfect for any living room space
  • [Storage] Convenient space to store your items, putting them neatly out of sight
  • [Elegance] Contemporary design gives the TV Console a touch of elegance and class
  • [Global] Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets



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3 Benefits of Solid Wood Design

The principles in which al Scandinavian furniture is founded upon. 



Solid wood will last you a lifetime. In fact, these furniture can actually increase the value of a property. It is more durable than any other materials, even its flat-pack, softwood friends.


Solid wood is renowned for its impeccable strength. They come from slow-growing trees, where the trees’ cellular structure is more dense and compact.


A regular sweep and occasional mop will keep the TV console looking beautiful for years. That’s how simple it is to clean and maintain furniture made from solid wood.

Your lifelong companion

Solid wood generally has a bad press for being expensive. However, it is also true that you get what you pay for. Other alternatives simply don’t quite make the cut, not even the cheaper veneered wood.

Solid wood such as mahogany, oak, and mango are extremely resilient to the environment and will be able to withstand the odd scratches here and there. Furniture made of solid wood is more likely than not to accompany you for the years to come. 


Flexible, stunning aesthetics

Solid wood can be used with any décor style because of the flexibility of appearances it can bring. It is also available in a wide range of different colors, depending on the species of solid wood chosen. It can be lightly-colored ash, to the more reddish-looking sapele. 

Since they are entirely natural, no two solid wood TV console patterns will be the same. You get your one-and-only product, truly unique and unreplicable. 

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Guide to choosing Solid Wood TV Console

A good way to start would be by considering these 3 criteria.



What kind of a look are you going for Do you want to achieve a rustic feel to your living room through the solid wood TV console? Or would you prefer a modern feel?


What color do you want your TV Console to be? Solid Wood is available in darker colors, with brown, and ash-red as popular choices. Does that fit your overall living room theme?


What is the purpose of the TV Console? Is this for your new house, or just a temporary fixture no more than 5 years. Consider how long this TV Console is going to stay with you. 

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