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Built In TV Console Singapore

Built-in TV consoles can give your living room a seamless appearance. Blending in perfectly with the wall, yet offering plenty of storage space, it has a design that is both functional and visually striking. The wall mounted storage units can help keep wires and cables from view. You even have the option of concealing your TV and AV equipment with a feature wall that slides open and shut. Contemporary yet modern, they are just about the perfect centerpiece for your living room. 

They can be a great option if you want to soften the black rectangular space that your TV set occupies. By framing the TV with a built-in TV console of neutral colors, you can redirect the focus to the furniture. Alternatively, there is another simple trick you can consider. By accessorizing your TV console with your favourite collector items, they can not only accentuate the beauty of your living room, but would definitely make for a great conversation starter for whenever you have guests over at your house.

Why Built In TV Console?

3 Features that will make your living room a bit brighter, your house a bit neater, and your life a bit better.


Floating from the walls of the living room, it is free of any bulky supporting structure. This gives the TV console a clean, polished look.


Blending into the wall, the built-in TV console adopts the overall color scheme of your living room. giving it a light and flexible feel.



A minimalist look is perfect for those who want to keep the living room simple and not overly complicated. It draws attention without being too loud.

Featured Product

ENYO® Floating TV Console | Wall-Mounted | 2 Colours: White, Black | 4 Lengths: 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm | $

(11 customer reviews)


SingaporeTVConsole® ENYO Floating TV Console

Having just purchased your dream flat-screen TV – you would need the perfect TV Console to enhance your viewing pleasure. This TV Console is perfectly sized for TV’s up to 60 inches, allowing the TV to be put at a level that is ideal for comfortable viewing. It also creates the perfect storage area for all your miscellaneous items, all whilst creating a display area for all the things you want to call attention to. It’s a modern TV console meant for the modern Singaporean home, creating a contemporary yet classic look that is functional and yet upscale.


  • [Beautiful] A spectacular look in your living that will be the envy of many
  • [Durable] Excellent craftsmanship guarantees TV console to stay in tip-top condition
  • [Versatile] Flexible style makes it perfect for any living room space
  • [Storage] Convenient space to store your items, putting them neatly out of sight
  • [Elegance] Contemporary design gives the TV Console a touch of elegance and class
  • [Global] Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets



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3 Benefits of Built-In Design

The principles in which all Built-In furniture is founded upon. 



Built-in furniture allows you to create a smooth transition between spaces which makes your living room feel airy. Looking like a natural extension of the room itself, it blends beautifully for a minimalist look.


Because it blends in seamlessly, a large built-in piece of furniture can look more slender than another freestanding furniture of the same dimensions. This makes them ideal for contemporary interiors.



More than just aesthetic, built-in TV console is perfect for functional purposes. It can hold multiple storage units, allowing it to comfortably hold electronic devices. It is also excellent for hiding TV and audio cables.

Creative, vertical storage

Fancy a built-in TV console just like the picture beside? A cross between a bookshelf and a normal TV console, it has one compartment that is taller and wider to fit your living room TV. The other remaining spaces can be used to showcase your collectibles or store AV equipment.

However, with larger storage capabilities, these TV consoles can be a bit bulkier than normal. However, once fixed into place, it would no longer be an issue. The tall entertainment cabinets ensure no vertical space is wasted, providing you ample storage.

Tips to choosing TV Console

Consider the overall theme of your home before deciding on the type of TV console. A living room that is going for a vintage look may require some loose pieces to replicate the classic vibe of that period. Meanwhile, a contemporary-style home can look to finish it off with an edgy built-in feature TV Console.

It would be a good idea to also think about your storage needs. Would you need a TV console that is able to display large amount of collectible and items? If so, choose one that is wider so that it can help with your storage requirements.

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Guide to choosing Built In TV Console

A good way to start would be by considering these 3 criteria.



What kind of a look are you going for Do you want to achieve a rustic feel to your living room through the solid wood TV console? Or would you prefer a modern feel?


What color do you want your TV Console to be? Solid Wood is available in darker colors, with brown, and ash-red as popular choices. Does that fit your overall living room theme?


What is the purpose of the TV Console? Is this for your new house, or just a temporary fixture no more than 5 years. Consider how long this TV Console is going to stay with you.

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