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Marble TV Consoles Singapore

Looking for marble TV consoles ? Unsure of what it is or who it is for? Read on for more information.

What We Do

We sell Marble TV Consoles for the modern Singapore homes

What is a Marble TV Console?

TV consoles are central to contemporary living spaces and feature in most Singapore homes. An essential decorative cum functional unit, marble TV consoles can spruce up your interiors. Consoles come in various designs, shapes and sizes. Finding the right furniture piece that can blend with your existing décor without cluttering the space might need some research.

At SingaporeTVConsole, we aim at providing you with the comfort of sitting on your couch and finding the best marble TV console at your fingertips. For customers buying furniture for the first time or even those who aren’t sure of the factors to be considered when purchasing a TV console, be assured that you don’t need to be an expert to pick the perfect TV console.

We have a rich catalogue brimming with designs to suit your modern living standards. At SingaporeTVConsole, you can find a high-end marble TV console that compliments your home décor as well as provides ample storage space.


Italian Art Marble TV Console Singapore

If you are looking for a sleek console design that can seamlessly blend with your living room décor, you can check our Italian art marble tops. Tinted in white and coupled with a high-gloss finish to add an exclusive touch of elegance to the counter, you can be assured of enough space to hold all the AV equipment and provide extra space to store other odds.

Singapore Marble TV console with stands

If you are looking for an all-purpose space-saving marble TV console, we have the most innovative designs at SingaporeHomeFurniture suited to any space in your home. A relatively lightweight and portable stand, you can place this anywhere. Find your marble-top TV console for your bedroom, living room or guest room.

MAIA® Marble TV Console | Premium Marble | Posh, Elegant, Luxurious | Lengths: 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm | $

(7 customer reviews)

IRIS® Marble TV Console | Premium Marble | Rose Gold Legs | Posh, Elegant, Luxurious | Colours: Grey, Pink, Green | $

(6 customer reviews)

HESTIA® Marble TV Console | Premium Marble | Posh, Elegant, Luxurious | Adjustable Length | Colours: Black, White | $$

(4 customer reviews)

GAIA® Marble TV Console | Premium Marble | Posh, Elegant, Luxurious | Colours: Black, White | Length: 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm | $$$

(5 customer reviews)

Featured Product

CYBELE® Scandinavian TV Console | 4 Different Lengths: 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm | Marble Top | Option: Coffee Table | $$

(6 customer reviews)

SingaporeTVConsole® CYBELE Scandinavian TV Console

Having just purchased your dream flat-screen TV – you would need the perfect TV Console to enhance your viewing pleasure. This TV Console is perfectly sized for TV’s up to 60 inches, allowing the TV to be put at a level that is ideal for comfortable viewing. It also creates the perfect storage area for all your miscellaneous items, all whilst creating a display area for all the things you want to call attention to. It’s a modern TV console meant for the modern Singaporean home, creating a contemporary yet classic look that is functional and yet upscale.


  • [Beautiful] A spectacular look in your living that will be the envy of many
  • [Durable] Excellent craftsmanship guarantees TV console to stay in tip-top condition
  • [Versatile] Flexible style makes it perfect for any living room space
  • [Storage] Convenient space to store your items, putting them neatly out of sight
  • [Elegance] Contemporary design gives the TV Console a touch of elegance and class
  • [Global] Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets



  • Lifetime Local Warranty provided
  • Nett Price. No GST. Free Delivery
  • Singapore Design & Technology

Why Choose Our Marble TV Consoles?

With so many choices out there, here’s why we are the top choice for Singaporeans

Open Cubbies:

If you are looking for neat ideas for your living room, the marble TV cabinet with open cubbies are just the in-thing to check out. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we have a catalogue that boasts of lavish yet intelligent designs perfect for contemporary homes. You can opt for a marble console that meets your storage and staging a display.

Fusion TV Stands:

Don’t want the all marble ensemble? Don’t worry; we have fusion designs with a heavy-duty marble top supported by a robust wood frame. If you want a clean and chic look where the TV unit doesn’t interfere much with the rest of the décor, this simple unit can make a good choice.


Convertible Designs:

You can have extendable functions on your basic marble TV cabinet. Our unique designs allow the lengthening of storage space with the extensions. So, you can get an increased storage space. The convertible design befits modern living and beats the odds of space crunch to host a stylish TV stand. Check out the convertible designs for adjustable functions!

Benefits Of Buying Marble TV Consoles

Marble TV Console may come at a premium, but there are simply so many advantages to owning one.

High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

1. Transform The Living Area

Think of your TV console as artwork! Be it wall-mounted or a portable unit, a marble TV stand introduces elegance to the living space. Thanks to innovation, there’s so much that you can do with marble. The metamorphic rock can be transformed with a bit of contouring around its bold self. Intricate silver wirework on the centres, a chest of golden rimmed drawers can turn your basic television stand make it a statement piece in your living area.

With this, even your big black TV screen will not dominate the room’s décor. The white trim of marble and other contrasting accents and accessories will help your eye find the balance even through the black hole of your TV.

2. Adds a Classic Touch

Not just an eye-catching piece of furniture, a TV console has a particular purpose. Of course, to host the TV on its unit and simultaneously offer some additional storage space. Be it your home theatre, books or knick-knacks that you want to tuck away into its drawers, a robustly designed marble TV stand can offer accessible space for quite a few essentials.

A broad layout with a wide tabletop can make enough space for a couple of showpieces, a crystal flower vase, little antique figurines and other decorative things you may want to keep on the console. With premium-quality marble, you won’t have to worry about the resistance power.

High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture
High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

2. Adds a Classic Touch

Whether you wish to place your sofa in the portico, living room or guest room, a high back sofa offers a majestic look and feel to the space it is placed in. You can find both two and three-seater high back sofas that incorporate a dozen classic features, thereby opening up its doors to numerous styles.

You can find a fantastic range of deep seaters, modern sofas with a high back, deep buttoned, high armed sofas, feminine styled; Victorian age inspired designs and many more. From leather, fabric to velvet and more, you can find a material of your choice to suit your style and comfort.

High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

3. All-Weather

Marble is classic and can complement both modern and traditional décor. Be it your modernly furnished house or that reflective of Victorian times; a marble TV console has a neutral appeal. Be it your villa, an apartment or bungalow in Singapore; a marble stand will never look out of place.

Moreover, marble tops don’t need any special care or maintenance. They are natural, durable and resistant to heat and cold conditions. Plus, you can choose a marble colour and texture that suits your taste, preference and décor. Be it plain or textured marble, black or white, marble will balance any clamour in that space with its calm look.

Different Options Of Marble TV Consoles

Whilst the TV Console may be made from marble, their appearance can take many forms. Here are three different types

Grounded Console

The grounded marble TV console
Box TVs have become a thing of the past, adding to the floating element. The LEDs float on the wall with nothing under it. If you think that robs the warmth of your living space, you can check out our marble TV consoles designed with symmetrical shelves that can fill that space. Place art objects, other TV accessories to give it an earthly look.



Rugged Mantle:

Not too sure about the smooth and polished look of the marble? You can always pick a textured pattern that breaks the monotone. Reflection of overtly glossy marble can often destroy the visual effect of the living area and clash with the light of the TV. Our exclusive range of marble stands encompasses the non-glossy design that keeps the gloss at bay.


High Gloss:

If gloss is your style, so be it! Our impressive range of American marble consoles offers that perfect reflective finish you desire in your TV cabinet. The simple yet rich finish adds a tint of class that can easily blend with the rest of your décor.


Marble TV Consoles

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CYBELE® Scandinavian TV Console | 4 Different Lengths: 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm | Marble Top | Option: Coffee Table | $$

(6 customer reviews)

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    Easy Rearrangement



    High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

    Movable marble top consoles help easy rearrangement

    A TV unit with marble that can be moved is typically designed with legs to support it. You can also get wheeled ones customised for your home, but check on their stability before making a purchase. The good thing about a mobile TV console is that it isn’t stationed and can be transported to a new room or location. So if you have an old box television that you don’t plan to dispose of too soon, a portable marble console can make a great choice. 


    A single shelf floating unit against a marble wall can make a good choice for those who like the simple look. Such designs relay an uncluttered feel to the space around. And the best part is that these don’t even any assembly. If you want a space-saving TV console design, this design can make a befitting one. White toned, sheet textured marble units with a user-friendly design are easy to clean and maintain. Top-rated marble TV console Singapore dealers can also customise it to cater to your specific needs and preference.


    Marble can be combined with wood, and that’s a hit! Be it your traditionally styled home spaces or modern living décor; marble is timeless. So is wood when it comes to furniture. Combining these two natural elements can get you a custom -made sturdy unit. Be it the shiny stone or the rustic marble; the wood can naturally blend with it to ramp up the unit’s style quotient. Pair it with an abstract marble Venetian plaster background for that exotic look!

    Why buy Marble TV Consoles from SingaporeTVConsole?

    Here’s what makes us different from other brands

    High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

    Have you always wanted that luxurious and elegant appearance for your living room? A place that wows you every time you step into it? A TV Console that captures the imagination and wows your guests every time you have them over? 

    Imagine no more. That’s what you can do with a marble tv console. The unique appearance is guaranteed to impress, as it instantly uplifts the look of your living room. No matter your overall room decor, these marble TV Consoles will fit the theme perfectly. 

    At SingaporeTVConsole, we are never more aware of the space limitations that Singaporeans like yourselves faced. That’s why we have engaged our own team of designer to come up with a unique collection of marble TV consoles. Blending in both form and function, they are the contemporary take on classic TV consoles.

    It has taken the designers all our best efforts and several years of hard work, but we are now ready. No matter your needs, you will find the perfect marble TV consoles for your living quarters.

    That’s our promise.


    You are guaranteed to find the TV console that not only matches your exact needs but also fit in your living room space. At SGTVC, we provide you with a huge array of different TV Consoles to choose from, almost all of which you can add a personal touch to. We ensure that your living room will be curated to your liking, no matter if your theme is that of a vintage, contemporary, or cozy look.



    We are experienced

    We Have Over 10 Years of Experience in The Industry

    Your living room will most likely be the first viewing priority for your guests, and you’ll want to be sure to leave a lasting first impression. At SingaporeTVConsole, we craft our TV Consoles with both form and function in mind. This ensures that not only is your TV console able to serve its purpose of storage, it also function as the living room centerpiece that will catch the attention of those who visit your house for the first time.


    TV Consoles

    You are guaranteed to find the TV Console that not only matches your exact needs but also fit in your living quarters.