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Scandinavian TV Console Singapore

The Scandinavian theme can be completed with a TV Console that elicits a modern luxurious look. An earthy palette gives the living room a warm and cozy feeling. When paired with a high ceiling, it further accentuates a bright and airy look for the whole house. It’s a theme many millennials and young people have been chasing after.

It’s also perfect people who prefer a modern-country theme. Rather than getting flamboyant walls with loud colors and patterned tiles with dark wood accents, a Scandinavian themed living room brings about a unique kind of calm and simplicity. It achieves a liveable, stylish vibe, even for the smallest of spaces. The TV console is the centerpiece of the living room, transforming that section of the living room with its own distinct look.

Why Scandinavian TV Console?

3 Features that will make your living room a bit brighter, your house a bit neater, and your life a bit better.

Sleek Design

Crafted by renowned designers, the sleek and elegant TV console blends seamlessly with the feature wall, creating a unified visual centerpiece.


Neat Storage

Sliding panels allow easy alternation between the display shelves and the entertainment set. This helps make your space seem neater


Top quality Scandinavian furniture at reasonable price. We pass to you 100% of cost savings, allowing you to enjoy premium products at affordable prices.

Featured Product

SELENE® Marble TV Console | Premium Marble | Adjustable Length | Posh, Elegant, Luxurious | 2 Sizes: 1450mm, 1850mm | $

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SingaporeTVConsole® SELENE Marble TV Console

Having just purchased your dream flat-screen TV – you would need the perfect TV Console to enhance your viewing pleasure. This TV Console is perfectly sized for TV’s up to 60 inches, allowing the TV to be put at a level that is ideal for comfortable viewing. It also creates the perfect storage area for all your miscellaneous items, all whilst creating a display area for all the things you want to call attention to. It’s a modern TV console meant for the modern Singaporean home, creating a contemporary yet classic look that is functional and yet upscale.



  • [Beautiful] A spectacular look in your living that will be the envy of many
  • [Durable] Excellent craftsmanship guarantees TV console to stay in tip-top condition
  • [Versatile] Flexible style makes it perfect for any living room space
  • [Storage] Convenient space to store your items, putting them neatly out of sight
  • [Elegance] Contemporary design gives the TV Console a touch of elegance and class
  • [Global] Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets



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3 Fundamentals of Scandinavian Design

The principles in which al Scandinavian furniture is founded upon. 


Scandinavian furniture is all about combining simple elements to produce a dynamic effect. That’s how you can get the living room to look poetically simple and yet beautifully sharp.


Functionality is prioritized without sacrificing grace. The beauty of the elegant, smooth lines of the TV Console simply accentuates it, complementing what it was originally designed to do.



Design is fairly minimalist, with clean simple lines. This style is effective without needing heavy elements. It uses only what is needed. This is the basis of all Scandinavian design.

A Little Scandinavian History

The subtle decorative qualities originated from the early 20th century. Simple lines were made popular by the inter-war art movement, which gave this style its elegance.

Later on, gave rise to the concept that “beautiful things make your life better”.

Well-loved By Everyone

Often referred to as a democratic design, the Scandinavian design appeals to masses because of its highly accessible and yet affordable products. The goal was to promote design that the general public could access and enjoy.

Yet, its beauty and grace were never sacrificed. This balance between minimalism, functionality, and simplicity was identified by Scandinavians early on and has been maintained ever since.

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Guide to choosing Scandinavian TV Console

A good way to start would be by considering these 3 criteria.



Are you space constraint and need the TV Console to be less than 1500mm? Or do you have freedom of space and can afford a generous 1800mm TV Console?


What color do you want your TV Console to be? Scandinavian usually goes for lighter colors, and white is a popular choice. Does that fit your overall living room theme?


What is the most important feature of the TV Console. Do you need it to look pretty. Is it for the sole purpose of storing your electronics and hiding the complicated wiring?

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